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Monday, April 17, 2017


"When a person does right, everyone forgets. When a person commits mistakes, everyone remembers."

A Camellian priest, during his homily, emphasized those words; it's the irony of ironies. That time listening to his homily I was like being shot with a machine gun. What happened to me, why all my years of learning to see goodness became dull?

Imagine a clean white bond/book paper. Can you see anything? Mark it with a dot in the center, can you see anything?

Or what can we say about this person? What we remember most is the other side. What can we remember about our boss? His/her being bossy, being a nagger or how he/she treat us like a slave for the company's sake but we can't remember how our boss greeted us back this morning.

Even our Lord Jesus Christ was hanged and died on the Cross because people can't see His goodness. All they saw was Jesus' actions were a contradiction to what they do... And it's bad for them.

What happened? The world is changing as well as the attitude of men and women. Everyone remembers what men and women say about something but not the truth of it. Love became bad because we remember what others say about it and relate it to our painful experiences but the truth is Love of pure goodness. Another one Forever became dull truth because of many experienced pain from their failed relationship. Most of us unconsciously or consciously cling to what hurts and what is painful, and in anger.

These are some of the causes why we keep seeing and remembering the negative ones aside from our ego and we focused our understanding on that emotion alone. Our point of view of anything is clouded with these influences.

Human beings are created good. The problem is it became normal and plain. It has no impact on us. We nurture negativity because these state of emotions have an explosive impact on us than what goodness life brings. 

(Photo above is not mine)

Psychologically, men and women, by nature greatly remember the impact of a certain thing/event/happening, the bigger impact, the longer it stays in our consciousness.

(Photo courtesy of Ms. Helena Hechanova: Post Fire Incident)

What was the type of movie gave you the hype of emotions? What was the emotional scenario from that movie gave you the tension of emotions? The drama, the painful event, not more on the happy moments. Somehow it influences our beautiful mind. 

Men and women can see goodness and let go of this excess baggage in life by re-conditioning our minds as well as re-influencing our hearts to goodness, have a paradigm shift and have a wider understanding and perspective on what happened. Example, we keep saying that Forever does not exist, but do we really understand what Forever means? It means WORK YOUR ASS ON IT. it is a Commitment. It is an everyday decision to make not only based on emotions... I tell you emotions/kilig factor will just fade. Love is not an emotion, it is an action, a decision to make every day. If you understand that, then Forever and Love is not bad at all.

(Photo above is not mine)

Feeling hurt and experiencing sufferings are not even bad at all. It's being human. What makes it bad is when we act stupid because of it. Negative experiences make us stronger and if we are morally wiser enough we can turn those hurtful feelings into something powerful... Wisdom. 

We forget the wisdom of old "No Pain, No Gain", "Work your ass first and you can eat", "If you want to feed the hungry, teach them how to fish". Where did these wisdom came from? From the positive attitude of our ancestors towards life.

 Jesus Christ died for us to atone our sins. Jesus, until His last minutes hanging on the cross, all He saw was our goodness. 

(Photo above is not mine)

To end this,  remember the message of the photo below:

(Photo above is not mine)

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