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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Most of the photos being used here are contributed by my good friends Jolu (who owns majority of the photos) and Xtine of Xtine's Escapism. Thanks for sharing your photos, guys. :D

We may be attracted or fall for some people because they are so intelligent, talented or skillful and they see things differently like photographers and bloggers do. We might wonder how and what it feels like to be with this guy/lady. How is it nga ba?

What I will mention on this post are just a li'l bit exaggerated tidbits of what photographers and bloggers do but not about who they are as a person. Photographers and bloggers are artists. I don't have to explain what an artist is because it's a vast topic and I pretty sure almost everyone knows what an artist is. 

These are things to remember so you can better understand what a photographer or a blogger does. It doesn’t bear any answer to the question: Should I date a photographer/blogger or not? Because the answer to that question is solely in you.

So here are the 18 things to keep in mind:

1. You will be the apple of his/her eye. Brace yourself because you’ll be an instant model or celebrity whether you like it or not.

(Photo above, from the net)

2. But you’re not the only beautiful/handsome person in his/her life. No matter how you beg him/her not to look at anyone, he/she will disappoint you. A wedding photographer, for example, his wife or Girlfriend is the most beautiful person in his life but during a wedding shoot, the bride is the most beautiful person as well as the maid of honor and the bridesmaid. Why? Because it’s the bride’s day. She’ll be the main focus of the photographer as well as the maid of honor and bridesmaid . . . "they are potential clients soon." according to a well-known wedding photographer in the country.

3. You will have plenty of your time with him/her, dating from one beautiful place to another, eating yummy foods, and making memorable moments together.

4. But he/she will have his/her own moments at some point in time. You cannot understand why he/she becomes silent and want to be alone with his/her laptop, camera, and coffee over you. It’s not that he/she doesn’t like you, your partner just needs time to be alone to make a piece of art because of you inspiring him/her.

5. You’ll have an adventurous, crazy and active moments together with your friends or just the two of you.

Look at my friend behind the glass wall... :D

6. But trust me, he\she'll forget about you for about 30 minutes or even an hour over their subject. Because he/she will be so overwhelmed with the subject and take photos of it. Don’t be mad at this, it is the same with what you love to do best like doing sports, shopping, reading books, or playing video games. Eventually, you’ll get really hungry before you can devour your meals.

7. You may feel you are left alone because he/she is so into his/her photography or blogging, but you are not left alone. Your presence is really vital to his/her piece of art; you are an inspiration why he/she takes photos and write. Leave them, expect that their disposition and composition will change and their product becomes his/her worst piece ever. 

8. You’ll be amazed at how he/she sees things and make extraordinary out of ordinary.

9. Yet, you’ll be his/her assistant, light holder, reflector holder for his/her shot. What if that piece become very popular in the world? At least you became part of his/her piece as a light holder.

10. You’ll notice that when you travel, they have three or more bags than you.

11. Of course, you hate your man or girlfriend staring at someone whom you think is prettier or hotter than you … no worries, your partner just saw potential angles with beautiful lighting. Nothing's personal with it.

(Photo above, from the net)

12. Or worst, he or she will stare at an ugly person . . . again, he or she might have seen something worth a shutter, right?

Ow rayyt!

13. He will be with you and support you when you do shopping, traveling, or just joy riding. He can be your muscle man because he’s used to carrying heavy weight bags full of camera gears and accessories.

14. But you’ll get annoyed being with him/her because he/she can’t stop taking pictures of you, of your things/groceries; taking pictures of you when you eat together, or even at the mall's advertisement wall. Everything will be documented. All of your tanga (crazy) moments will be recorded. LOL!

15. He or she will spend his or her salary on gears. But don't worry it's an investment, not a liability :D 

16. Photographers and bloggers are idiotly-cutie. Whenever there's something scary like  bomb threat or whatever dangerous situations. . .  and while everyone is running away, he/she is planning how to get closer to the scene and try his/her luck to take photos and write stories about it.

17. For photographers, they are rarely seen in the pictures because they prefer to be behind the lens. If they are in the picture... ahm... mostly they don't have a good picture.

18. For bloggers, they are 99.9% in the picture; you are 99.9% will become his/her instant photographer with all the instructions and directions. . . and 00.01% you'll be in his/her picture if you are part of his/her theme post/article.

There are more things I like to share here but I have to stop now cause it's a long post already. If you have something to add please do let me know in the comment section below. :D

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