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Sunday, July 2, 2017


“Wait! Don’t touch the foods yet; am taking pictures of it first!”

A very common line today. Who wouldn’t take pictures of a beautifully-yummyliciouslly-well plated food being served on our table and then share it on our Instagram, Facebook, or tweeter account? Everyone does it, but there’s a major setback on this. After 30 minutes of taking foodtography, all the foods being served are now cold dead. Look at the picture below, the ramen soup vanishes from thin air. Hehehe

There are two types of food photography, the one that is called commercial photography where the food/s is used for magazines, prints, or billboards plus the photographer is paid for his/her output, and the one that is called Instagrammable-Food photography where photos are used for personal purposes.

This post is obviously about the Instagrammable-Food Photography but with a twist. If you tag along with a blogger, foodtographer, shutterbug or if you have supportive friends what I mentioned in my introduction have a different effect because your companion understands you. But what if your date or companion is not?

Here are some things to remember how to have an instagrammable foodtography but not ruining your date, your party, or whatever kind of occasion that involves eating.

Note: Am not gonna share on how to compose, how to maneuver your phone cam, how to put up lights, and all the technicals. Everyone can google it. What am gonna share is the How to of the how to take Instagrammable Food Photos without ruining our date/friends/family time. 

What I usually do is I DO NOTHING but by instinct, something in me is happening. Am gonna dissect the first tip into 5 tips but remember this happens at the same time. If you are at it, you wouldn’t notice it that you are doing these 5 tips in seconds and you can take pictures within less than 3 or 5 minutes.


What I mean here is observe. Upon entering a restaurant or food store, observe its ambiance, the lightings if it is deem lit or well lit, the light source if it’s from above or if there’s a window. If you are lucky to choose your table, choose the one that is well lighted. If you are not lucky, observe again the lightings from where you are seated. Notice the shadows; it will help you position your subject later. You can do this without distracting your companion or any others inside that resto


Upon reading, then ordering from the menu list you now have the idea of what kind of food will be served on your table. An artist uses his/her imagination to visualize his/her creation (including composition) but don’t lose focus on your date, group date, family, and friends because that’s the most important thing than taking pictures.


I think this is too obvious. Knowing how your mobile phone works will give you a clean shot. But most of the people today have two or three phone. I suggest you use the best camera phone with a great amount of battery life or much better a full charge battery and a spacious memory drive. But if you want to learn how to shoot with your mobile phone, please click here.


Just like everyone’s’ favorite agent, James Bond, He acts while it’s hot but with a plan in his mind. When the food is served, time to grab your gear set it on camera mode. Take photos while the foods are still freshly cooked and remember all the things mentioned in No. 1, 2 and 3. Yet, remember also that what we visualized may not be what it is in reality. So, make quick adjustments. The source of light, the ambiance, the place is already given; the only thing that is not is the subject.

Mind check 101:

- Does the food color harmonized with the background? 
- Does your position on the table give you the best lighting? 
- Do I need to accessorize the subject? 
- Are there any unnecessary elements on your frame? 
- If I do flat lay, will it be awkward or cause any trouble? 
- If I do flat lay are there unnecessary shadows on my subject?

When the adjustments are made, press that shutter button. But, be reminded that you have to shoot by how you feel the food/s, and let others, through your photo, feel the feelings you felt when you shot it. Immortalize that feeling.


Agent 007 is a perfect example of how he uses his charm. We do not need to be 007 because his charm and our charm is still called “charm”. He is just a reminder for us to be charming. When taking photos of foods in any occasion, the right attitude must be applied.

Keep in mind the main reason why we are here in this resto, to bond, to celebrate, and not to do commercial food photography. Take photos of groupies, two-fies, (what’s that? Hahaha) and selfies too. Make memorable moments with your loved ones. Taking photos of foods are just part of our bonding and biting memories.

Remember these 1 to 5 tips happens at the same time. To further understand this, here’s an example, I was invited by my supportive friends to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant. They know that I take photos of almost everything and they’ve been expecting that I’m gonna take photos of the foods we ordered. The foods were served but before they know am done taking photos. One of my friends said, “Don’t touch the foods yet, MK will take some pictures first!” I replied, “Tapos na, kain na tayo.” (It’s done already, let’s eat).


Post processing makes one photo looks great or awesomely NOT awesome. For me, take a 100% awesome photo from your camera, and then make it 200% awesome during post process. Personally, I don’t like photos that look good ONLY because of filters, and also, it is an injustice to the one who took a 100% awesome photo then made it 200% greatly awesome during the Post Process then all he/she can get from others is: “Wow, what kind of filter you used?” or “The pastel effect you used is beautiful!” or “Great post . . . what photo editor did you use?”

What makes the best food photograph? Is it about the technical aspects of photography? It doesn't always follow. What makes a good food photograph? It is the how you make a photo that anyone who sees it can immediately relate to it.


The gear I commonly used to take pictures and videos for my Facebook and Blog entries is an outdated android phone. I happened to visit Oppo’s Store last week and tried their phones, I was so amazed how their camera system was upgraded to take and make better photos and videos compared to my old mobile phone.

"Which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone is the best for foodies and is great for taking photos with their yummy meals? Why?"

(Photo above is not mine) 

It's the Oppo F3 Plus, it has a dual front camera - one 16MP and the other one is 8MP with a 120-degree wide angle lens best for capturing moments like groupies, two-fies, and selfies.

The back/main camera is a 16MP cam with a f/1.7 which can take and make clearer images at lowlights scenarios, in addition to that, Oppo F3 plus camera sensor is the 1/2.8 inch SONY IMX398 which makes any shots clearer, sharper, and faster because of its fast focusing system and great low-light performance.

Another reason why I love Oppo F3 Plus is that of its fast Wi-Fi performance. It has 6 strings antenna lines, plus a built-in Wi-Fi amplifier that makes the Wi-Fi connection faster. Since this is about FOODSTAGRAM, anyone can upload their best food photos in no time on their Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter, or Blog account.

Maybe you are asking me why I did not share some tips on How To MAKE Great Food Photos, it is because I can only teach you the technical aspect of it (click here), but no one can ever teach you how to See, why you See, and what you See. It's in You. We may have the same food subject, same light source, same time of the shoot, the same camera being used, but all of our photos are NOT the same.

If you have anything to add, please do share them below :D



  1. This made me smile. As a blogger I take pictures every time we eat out.. mainly because I'm never sure if I may blog about it. It use to annoy my hubby but he's now so used to it that he instinctively just waits.

    1. Hi Kathy. Good thing your hubby now understand your passion. I think both of you are now enjoying taking photos of foods and making great memories of it :D

  2. This made me smile. As a blogger I take pictures every time we eat out.. mainly because I'm never sure if I may blog about it. It use to annoy my hubby but he's now so used to it that he instinctively just waits.

  3. Funny because I also drafted my post about this last night. LOL. Good luck to us! :) Food photography is such a tricky thing but we have different reasons of doing it. I also don't like putting unrealistic filters especially with food photos because I want them to look real. Hehe.

    1. Yey, you're joining the contest too? Great! Aweeeee... am excited to read your post. :D Yup, Food Photography is really tricky depending on your purpose. Filters are great, though am not a fan of it, as long as the right filter is used, I think it's okay.


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