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Saturday, August 6, 2016



Before putting Something in the trash can, think first if its really garbage or not. . . 

I remember one particular experience I had during my pastoral exposure days in a remote place in Calinan, Davao City. A young out of school youth girl told me her dream of becoming a doctor but she can't even finish her high school years due to financial problems. Yes, her family belongs to below poverty line, emphasizing the word "Below" because they really are.

She said, "Kuya, I want to become a doctor someday but I know it's just a dream for me." I saw in her face that she was really serious so I let her continue sharing.

"How come some students from universities, they have money, they have brains, they have everything yet they just waste their opportunity for their dreams to come true?" She asked. "I know some rich kids from universities who are involved in vices, they skip school, or wasting their money and time doing stupid things." She continued with a tone of anger and disappointment. "How I wish I was in their position or I have their opportunity, their money, their scholarship so I can be a doctor." then she cried.

I have some opinions running in my mind but it cannot answer her question because she was not asking for an answer. She was asking deeper, something for me to ponder on. . .  

Or simply she was saying, don't waste or throw what you have because there are people out there dreaming of that opportunity.

Its like the line from the song of Parokya ni Edgar "Halaga". . . "Binabasura ng iba ang syang pinapangarap ko."  

Before we throw away a certain piece of our life, think first of how important it is and why it is given to us. 

There are simple things in our life that appears to be "nothing relevant", simple "Things" (emphasizing on the capital letter T) we have but we don't care, thus so easy for us to throw them away, so easy for us to devalue. . . 

What are these? each of us are unique and blessed with many opportunities I can't name them, I can only name mine. 

Another thing, if you feel you are nothing in this rich world, remember this:

. . .  you're not a garbage, you're a gift. . .  and someone Sees you more than others stare at you.



  1. Very well written and indeed something to ponder about.
    Its incredible how too often we get mixed up in the little things and are not thankful for the important stuff.

  2. Thank you @Lorena :D Yes it's the sad reality nowadays. I hope people will still value what is valuable.

  3. So real... you said it perfectly.


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