LOLA ABON'S Bestseller of Durian Candy

Indulge with the Durio Zibethinus of Lola Abon's

Durio Zibethinus known as Durian fruit is one of the many delicious fruits you can find here in Davao City aside from Mango, Mangosteen, Jack Fruit, Lanzones, and many more . Durian is not only delicious but also nutritious. Many developed the fruit into many kinds of delicacies like candies, shakes, ice creams, etc. 

One of the two pioneering durian candy maker in Davao City is Lola Abon's. The candy making business started in 1956 by Lola Abondia del Puerto Raaken. Now, the family candy making business became wide known here and abroad; their products became bestsellers. 

Many were talking about this candy shop, "If you want to buy durian candy as pasalubong (souvenir), it must be from Lola Abon's. 


Lola Abon's is located at San Miguel, Matina Aplaya, Davao City. 

Taking a Cab or a Public Utility Jeep (PUJ) is not a problem because every driver knows where Lola Abon's is located.

Take a cab is one of the easy way to go to Lola Abon's but if you are into budget, take any PUJ that goes south (Matina, Bangkal, Puan, Talomo, Bago, Toril). These PUJ's route will pass San Miguel, Matina Aplaya. Tell the driver to drop you to Lola Abon's and they will drop you along the highway near the shop; just take a few steps to reach Lola Abon's.

Newcomers will never go astray here because it is noticeable. It has a signage outside and it has a durian carve replica outside the shop. If you are not sure of the location, ask any bystander there and they will tell you where it is located. Davaoeños are good people. They will tell they right way.

Once you get there, a known Filipino trait is shown to every customer or visitor, hospitality; they will also offer you free taste of their products so you can choose what products to buy.

Their bestseller: All freshly-cooked durian candy


They also offer other delicious delicacies aside from durian candies...

The Guyabano Puree...

The Durian Chips...

The Durian Coffee Yema...

 Their best Durian Ice Cream...

Many shoppers love Lola Abon's delicacies...

Now, take up a basket and fill it with Lola Abon's bests...

Am giving my thanks to Celine, Joyce, Niña, Raine, Meiji, Jo, Mj, Lloyd, and Jolu for bringing me here and for the second time around in this place, thank you Princess C.


Gear: Starmobile UP Vision


  1. delicious durian candies

  2. Nice shots! I agree with your statements above it is a must taste durian delicacies,their ice cream and ice candy is the best. If you are not from davao youll surely miss it. Nice photos and story telling

  3. thank you marion for this well written and informative article you made. hope to see you back again at Lola Abon's

  4. Anonymous said...
    thank you marion for this well written and informative article you made. hope to see you back again at Lola Abon's

    February 1, 2016 at 10:06 AM


  5. Best durian candies in davao. I highly recommend Lola Abon's candies and products for your Pasalubong.

  6. I miss Davao's Durian Candies... yum yum yum

  7. Good information. Keep your blog updated sir

  8. Yey, Thanks much guys. Yes, their durian candies are the best for pasalubong


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