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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Since the other year, Davao City progressed in terms of food and drink cafes that served delicious and unique taste to everyone's mouth and places that are "Instagramable". These food shops also offer a stress relieving ambiance to their costumers. It only shows how the city grows towards a healthy stress-free Davao City

A new cafe opened last March 20, 2017 at the back of the University of Immaculate Concepcion (UIC) Bonifacio street, Davao City. All walks of life can chill and enjoy their yummilicious flavored shakes.

Shake 'N Slurp Davao aims to provide a delicious flavored shakes/drinks but at a very budget friendly price ranging from P35.00 to P60.00 only. 

Here's my shake, SNS deluxe... OMG for only P60.00? Yati ra, ani kalami ang shake? kanang makayawyaw ka sa kalami ug makaingon ka ug "Shetmemeng, giunsa ni pagbuhat? Haskang lamia man ani lagi? Buanga ani nga shake oi, mura ka ug dad-on sa laing lugar kay makapawala ug stress kay  perting lamia ug maka quench jud sa kauhaw. Erset, timing kaayo ang katam-is kanang dili gani ka bidli-an paghuman kay tama ra jud ang iyang lasa. Yummy jud sya ba na kanang pagkatilaw nimo sa isa ka flavor, gusto nasad nimo tilawan ang uban kay, the hell barato na kaayo ug lami pa jud." 

More flavors from Shake 'N Slurp

NOTE: Photo above is not mine. Please visit Shake 'N Slurp website here.

The ambiance is cool and relaxing perfect for bonding with friends and families. Students can come and do their academic thing inside the cafe. They offer also a good WiFi connection so, it's really perfect.

Almost everything we see here, from their designs to decorations were made by the three brothers with their own hands. Loyloy, Goygoy, and Ting-ting (I love addressing them with their nicknames) came from a family of architect, engineers, and artist. No wonder they can make this cafe perfectly awesome.


Another artsy thing that captured my eyes... the Mason Jar used as light frames. Well done, Janna for this craft. 

Ting-ting and Ma'am Joy, are teachers. Their wisdom reflects in this place motivating us to have positive vibes always in life. 

Mao ni sila ang hinungdan nganong naa napud koy pwede matambayan dinhi sa dakbayan nga adunay mga lamian nga mga pabugnaw nga makawagtang sa kalaay ug kakapoy sa kinabuhing nahimutangan. 

Meet Goygoy :D

Meet Ma'am Joy, Loyloy (seated), andTingting, the man in black at the back.

The shop owners are still planning and making some improvements to give us a better place to relax and enjoy their specialties. 

The shop operates from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM

I am inviting you, specially Davaoeños to visit SHAKE 'N SLURP Davao and feel the Yummy SLURP.

All Photos are taken from my humble SM UP Vision,


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