Want to know why their coffee taste great?

While I was waiting for my boarding scheduled flight at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, I was craving for coffee so I looked around. Many stalls offered coffee but I was looking for something else. I thought that, "Since I am in the airport and everything here are gold, I have to pick one that can make me say am satisfied and am happy with what I bought". Aside from that, am not a HOT coffee drinker. I love cold coffee even if it's in the morning.

I was at Gate No. 5 inside the airport and I saw this stall named SEATTLE'S BEST COFFEE (I saw and heard of this one many times already) but that moment something was pushing me to check on their list of coffee... 

. . . and voila, I ordered from the category COOL & REFRESHING Ice Blended Javakula Brownie... okay its kinda bit expensive for me. LOL! 

Seattle's Best Coffee is known to serve smooth and delicious full-flavored coffee for almost 4 decades now. This means they are really on top of their craft... they are really making good coffee.

Here's my one cool order Ice Blended Javakula Brownie. It's kinda bit sweeter than those from other coffee shops. When I tasted it, I said to my self, "The hell, this is crazily awesome. Lamia gud ani!" Yes, it's really delicious. I was satisfied with it and it became one of my favorites. 

I did some digging why Seattle's Best serves delicious and on top quality drinks...

. . . because Seattle’s Best Coffee is owned and manged by Starbucks Corporation, a global coffee roaster and retailer. The latter acquired the company (Seattle's Best Coffee) in 2003. 

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