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Friday, May 5, 2017


What if one day you'll find yourself in a situation or in a place that's really unfamiliar or unnatural to what you used to know? And all you wanted is to get out from that reality, but you just can't because you are now standing and facing this new reality.

All you can do is find ways to escape from this reality being infused to you or you being put into this reality.

You consciously refuse to entertain this thought but at the back of your mind something is telling you that the reality you believed in may not be real at all and the new reality where you are now which you don’t want to be real maybe the real reality.


You are on the fringe from one reality and the other but you don't know which is real because every reality seems real.. but not.

Okay! No one understands what I'm talking about but those were my poor prologue lines I wrote for my short story when I was in college for our Literature class that I wasn't able to finish. Now, I am using it as my introduction for this post because I still can't get over with my
experience at MysterEscape.

MysterEscape, quoting from their web page, "MysterEscape offers first-person simulation games where participants are locked in a room and must use the elements within the immediate surroundings to escape. Participants are immersed into the specific storyline of the rooms, which are designed to provide a realistic atmosphere. Within 60 minutes, participants can unleash their inner spy and unlock or steal secret formulas to save the world, or exercise their powers of deduction to piece together clues or evidence to solve a crime, or tap their inner instincts to vanquish an enemy or protect themselves against evil forces."

Once you enter MysterEscape's door, you'll notice the eerie atmosphere. Awoooooooooo!!!! It's like a mystery awaits!

Here are the game themes for this month: 

One of the staffs told us that they modify their gameplay every three months. Same game, new plot, new story, new puzzles…a different experience.

The power of deduction or deductive reasoning or deductive logic is one of the many ways to verify the Truth of all truths for this game . . . as well as in life.

Registration and Orientation time: All players must enlist and pay the registration fee to play.

There were only three of us so we paid Php330.00 each. 

For registration fee updates and info, please check on their FB page. Click here.

What is MysterEscape’s Escape Room game? 

If you played Nancy Drew or any Find the Hidden Objects games like Mystery Case Files, Redemption Cemetery, Strange Case and the likes on your personal computer and smartphones, you would know where the concept of this live adventure game came from. Escape rooms are games wherein participants are locked in a room and they have to use their inductive, deductive, and causal reasoning to decipher clues, decode puzzles, and look for hidden objects with a time limit.

I did not take photos during the game because it's not permitted to spoiling everything off to give away hints from the escape room. What is inside the room remains in the room.

At the end, we didn't escape the room. Only 2 remaining puzzles were left unsolved because we run out of time figuring out to how to unlock the mysterious very easy egg puzzle game.

Here we go! Game time begins! The story of The Survival Game is about abduction. By whom? We do not know! 

Go team Lucia Joaquin! LOL!

I did not take photos during the game because it's not allowed. This is to avoid spoilers. What is inside the room remains in the room.

At first, I was expecting that The Survival Game challenge would be physical, visual, and mental but it was 95% mental challenge.

At the end, we’re not able to escape the room. Only 2 remaining puzzles were left unsolved because we run out of time figuring out to how to solve the remaining puzzle. I don’t know if the mystery will be solved once we escaped from the abduction room. This is the mystery that must be solved soon. I think, I am more concerned on the plot and not really on the game. LOL!

(Photo above is from MysterEscape Davao)

The MysterEscape Live Adventure Game is ideal for bonding experience with friends or family and a perfect design for Team Building. The rule of the game is simple: Solve the mystery and escape the room within an hour.

The experience was great though I was expecting something more but I am definitely coming back because it is not only worth it, I still need to see what will happen to the story line when you escape.


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