"Annyeong haseyo!"

Experience Korea in Davao City.

I can't always remember or pronounce the name of this resto correctly but it's a Korean and Chinese Restaurant.

It's Ge... let me see my photos first... It's GEUMSAN KOREAN CHINESE RESTAURANT, muh friends... GEUMSAN, remember that.

I am not a fan of Korean or Chinese or any Asian or Western foods, I am a super fan of Foods, any foods. It doesn't matter if its Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American, or Filipino foods as long as I can eat it.

This resto had been established for a while now at Door #3 Autovill Compound, F. Torres St. Bajada, Davao City besides Dojo Restaurant at Davao Convention Center.

The resto offers lunch at 10AM-3PM and dinner at 5PM-10PM. For Php. 250.00/head worth of order, you can avail their Unlimited Side Dish/Salad Bar for free.

The staffs accommodate their customers politely and were attentive to their needs. Though not to expect a hundred percent attention because there were also many customers who needed their attention. . . and they offer fast service. 
I hope it happens all the time.

Anyone can try their hanbok for a li'l amount of money and have unlimited photo ops on their photo wall. 

This Resto is a must try when you are here in Davao City.


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