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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Let me tell you a story about committing a murder. Yes, you read it right. I unintentionally put a bullet in the head of happiness almost every day.

It was one lazy afternoon at a certain park in the city, I was holding a borrowed digital compact camera that time. I checked my settings and took some pictures with it. I was satisfied with my shots and I was happy.

Later, a friend of mine came bringing his own DSLR camera. I was so amazed at it. My friend let me used it for a while and I was so overwhelmed with its features and functionalities that my camera doesn't have. I can zoom in and out; I can set my aperture and shutter the way I wanted it to be. . . it's way way better compared to my borrowed digital camera. I need to own a DSLR.

Days became months and I have my own DSLR camera. I used it almost every day. I made good photos from it (good photos are based only on my own standard). I was satisfied and I was happy.

The time came when you meet other photography enthusiasts. I saw their cameras were high end compared to mine. their lenses were so awesome. One friend let me tried his telephoto lens and I can zoom in a far distance, another one showed me how prime lenses work and it's perfect for portraiture, a pro photographer also showed me how beautiful a wide angle lens for landscapes. I need to upgrade my gears.

Years have passed I have owned good camera accessories from filters to lenses to tripods and monopods to soft boxes and lights. I took good photos and I earned some cash. I was so happy with what I have. 

Later, I saw a photographer using a mirrorless camera. This camera has all the functionalities of a DSLR yet carrying a mirrorless camera was hustle free compared to my DSLR. It'snot that bulky. It's perfect for travel photography, street photography as well as for wedding portraits. I need to have one.

With God's blessing, I have a mirrorless camera in my hands. It's always inside my backpack wherever I go. I shoot on the street, I used it on engagement shoots, portraits. .  . I was happy with this camera.

Later, the famous brand of a mirrorless camera offered new lines of powerful lenses. They were superb and they were sharper and faster lenses compared to my kit lens. I need to buy new lenses.

That's how I murdered happiness almost every day by killing CONTENTMENT. 

It's so simple to kill contentment, start comparing what's yours to others then you'll notice you'll become unhappy.


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