What is Toy photography? Kinda childish for others but it is not. It is making our toys "alive". Its plain and simple, make or make the feel of your toy photograph alive. Simple but challenging... but it's so much fun. 

What to use? DSLR? Digital Compact Camera? Anything. Camera does not matter as long as you know the HOW and the LIMITS of it. 

Toy photography makes us use our imagination and help us become more creative and for some who reflects much on their ideas and concept of their shot could share a one hell good story for others. 

Some toys used in toy photography are expensive because of the "feel" and its details. My friend's Michael Jackson's cost more than 1000.00 pesos. I can't afford buying one but I was just lucky he brought that toy during our toy photography session. Naruto was my 29.00 peso toy in which I made a scene Naruto was fighting with my other friend's toy, Sasuke, also a 29.00 peso toy. Expensive toys aren't important... creativity is important in toy photography.

If you don't own a toy (is there one who doesn't?) or at the moment you don't have any, MAKE ONE! Be creative!!!

All photos are owned and copyrighted by Marion’s Imaje.

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  1. Nice toys. post more toy photography

  2. @Anonymous: soon am gonna post more toy photography


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