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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist

Birhen Sa Simala, The Monastery Of The Holy Eucharist: Lindogon Simala, Sibonga, Cebu

(Sorry for the photo. I couldn't do anything with it. My Photoshop cannot merge 3 photos correctly...)

(UPDATE : These photos were sent to me by JL Mahinay towards the end of 2016 to update my photos of the Monastery. It looks way better now than I was here last 2015)

I was not aware of this miraculous monastery until Princess C. told me that she wanted to go to this Majestic and Holy place of the Marian Monks of the Eucharistic Adoration. Maybe I heard it before but it did not sink-in in my system while I was still in the seminary. She told me "It is a Holy Place and once you get there, you'll not regret it." 

I was intrigued and googled it and concluded: "Yes, I want to go to this place." 

Thanks, Princess C. for introducing me to this place.

According to, and I quote "The sculpture of Miraculous Mother Mary at the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist is located at Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines. The holy place is commonly known by locals as “Birhen Sa Simala Church”, filled with miraculous testimonials from devotees, believers and visitors who witnessed the event during the shedding of blood tears of Mother Mary's image."


There are four (4) option. 

- First, by using private vehicle, if you have any or you can rent a van privately;
- Second, TAXI, but it'S too expensive due to long travel time. 
- Third, using Public Utility Bus. But we did not use this option.
           According to

* Go to South Bus Terminal near the Elizabeth Mall or also known as “E-mall” and ride a Bus there going to Sibonga. Don’t worry about when and where you’re going to STOP, just inform the drivers to stop you at the road that will lead you going to Simala Church. 

* This trip is a 2 hour and a half hour ride from Cebu so you better bring some water and foods with you.

* The Safe Sanctuary of Mother Mary is 5 kms away from the Highway from the Bus drop point and you need a motorcycle ride or the famous “Habal-habal “, going to the Simala Church.

- Fourth, using the Public Utility Van or V-hire (Van for Hire). This is located  at Sto. Niño. We used this option because it is more convenient. Fare is Php 100.00 (as of now) and the van will drop you straight at the gate of the monastery. 
           Approximately, 2 hours travel.

The Monastery is not yet fully done but it is already amazing and majestic. This marvelous monastery was build by the Lindogon Monks lead by Frater Ma. Martin, MMEA and Frater Ma. Joseph, MMEA with their sweat and without labor cost. The monastery was built without cost. Parishioners helped finance the monks by donating materials and equipment for the now-known-Simala Shrine.

In the monastery, everyone will be amazed how stunning the structures, but let us not limit to the-how-beautiflly-it-is-made by the monks but let us remember that the monastery is a sacred place. Dress Properly is highly emphasized because it is a Sacred place. It is a place were the victorious and powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary through the Penitential Rosary in 1998 versus the killer epidemic that killed many lives. 

It is a Place, a Sanctuary, an Abode of God where evil was defeated through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Here are some of my photos I took during our visit.

I only used a Canon Powershot A1200 (Digital Compact Camera)

St. Padre Pio statue is also in this Monastery. 
Padre Pio's devotees are welcome here... Thank you.

There were many prayers that were granted and answered. The enormous gallery of answered prayers is a proof of God's Love to us. From passing any kind of exam to Healing from sickness/illness... you can find the people's testimony in this gallery.

The Miraculous Image of the Blessed Virgin

Gallery of Images of our Blessed Virgin Mary

To Princess C. thank you for bringing me in this place.  

For those who want to pray and light a candle there are candles available inside near the gallery of answered prayers.

I found this information from

  • Gold: Healing (Good health, Recovery, Spiritual, Family Tree)
  • Green: Prosperity/Success (Exams, Study, Financial, Business)
  • Blue: Perseverance (Employment, Career, Assignment, Promotions)
  • Violet: Achievement (Plans in life, Struggles, Endeavors, Journeys, Voyage)
  • Red: Love (Utility, Friendship, Engagement, Family)
  • Yellow: Peace (Courage, Strength, Hope)
  • White: Purity (Enlightenment, Guidance, Right Path)
  • Orange: Reconciliation (Sweetheart, Wife, Husband, Enemy, Family)
  • Pink: Thanksgiving/Happiness/Joy (Spiritual, Physical)
  • Black: Souls (Forgiveness, Pardon)
  • Brown: Vocation (Marriage Bond, God’s Servant, Single life)
  • Gray: Deliverance (Bad ways, Things, Spirits)
  • Cream: Conversion/Faith (Children, Household, Couples)

The Holy Eucharist is also celebrated for the public in this schedule:


Sundays12:00 Noon &  3:30 PM
Mondays12:00 Noon
Tuesdays12:00 Noon
Wednesdays12:00 Noon
Thursdays12:00 Noon
Fridays12:00 Noon
Saturdays10:30 AM
13th of the Month10:30 AM & 3:30 PM

Going back to the city, use the "tricycle" or "habal-habal" from the monastery to the v-hire terminal. use the public utility van. Fare is Php100.00 only



  1. Thanks for the tips. I will go there soon

  2. am gonna go back there. super recommend this place for everyone.

  3. A holy place. must visit

  4. God will never abandon His people for His people. This is a true testimony of God's Servant. See the History of this place and be amazed how miracle works for this Holy place.

  5. A Holy Place indeed. A proof that God works wonders in our lives


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