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Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Quick Lesson

A lesson for photographers

This is not just a post for a pre-debut shoot but also a reminder to my self and to other photographers who love to capture moments.

I was asked to do a pre-debut shoot a month ago. I was so excited about this project.
Before the pre-debut shoot day, I prepared my gears. I prepared two speedlights and it's remote triggers, two lenses, one camera body in one bag two SD cards. All set.

During the day proper, while the debutante was preparing for her make-up, I too prepared my gears... only to find out, I FORGOT my camera battery. This is really unprofessional!

"It is so embarrassing, you get paid yet you do not have a professional attitude towards your work." This is how I felt that time. 

Good to know I wasn't alone to do the shoot. I choose to be the light man of Mr. Lumagod, a photographer. The chance of capturing the moments slipped from my hands and I was not really happy about it.

Lesson learned, make a checklist of what-to-bring and what-to-do before the event proper.

Anyways, I managed to take some shots using my cellphone. Here's my share (please click the title to view my shots):


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