by: Marion Kit

After office hours my stomach was craving for something to eat, pampalipas gutom lang. I planned buying biscuits cause am hungry and on a budget. When I arrived at Bangoy corner Bonifacio Streets near University of Mindanao Bolton and Tesoro's Printing Press, I saw this food chain and decided to try their masterpiece. The place is clean and cute; I mean, not a big place but it's cute.

I discovered that Souchefs Kitchen is perfect for anyone who are on a budget like me. Their specialty La Paz Bachoy is very affordable, the small order is P30.00, regular order is P45.00 and the special order is only P70.00. They also offer other menus like Lugaw/Arrozcaldo that's budget and student friendly.

Here comes my order...  The Small order for me.

It smells good and am kinda in devouring mode...
Small Order for P30.00

Regular P45.00

Special P70.00

Overall rating for their La Paz Bachoy is 8 out of 10; not bad for P30.00. The small order is enough to satisfy my hungry stomach. . . and the place is clean.

After eating, I manage to take some snaps before I went home.

Plus points, their service crew are so cool and accommodating :D

Yesterday, yes am back. . . My office mates and our boss planned to try Souchefs kitchen. They asked me if it's worth it, I definitely replied "Yes, it is worth it."

Still the shop maintains its cleanliness from first floor to 2nd floor. . . 

With Souchef's Kitchen's humble, kind and pretty staff


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  1. i agree that this the best Bachoy I have had anywhere in the Philippines. Not only is the food great but the place is clean and I visited it two weeks ago and it was in the morning and it was quite hot inside. Today I visited it again and they have added air conditioning which now makes it comfortable to enjoy a wonderful dish. I hope those of us who live on a tight budget help keep Souchef in business and successful

  2. Indeed Sir David, their Bachoy is one of the best and DEFINITELY AM COMING BACK for their Bachoy. :D

  3. Parekoy, grabe lami gyud. Dako ug bus-ok pa gyud ug serving.

  4. Lami jud parekoy. makabusog jud ilang serving hehehe :D

  5. Lami jud diria. Kaming mga taga UM diri mi mangaon. Nice post by the way

  6. Yes, lami jud. Plus their serving is good for heavy eater (like me, hehehe) :D



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