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Friday, July 1, 2016


Family is not always about blood. It's about people who wants you in their life; the ones who accept you for you are... I just read that line from the internet and I think it's okay if that's my introduction for this piece. LOL!

But the reality is, people come and go in our lives. They came with a reason and leave with a purpose. Some stays longer and some for just a blink of an eye... We may not fully recognize their purpose in us but surely their presence completes us as who we are. A person who comes in our life surely leaves foot marks in our existence. Some foot marks vanish from our minds but its effect will never fade even if we do not recognize it. It's kinda like "the child is the father of the man."

When it comes to friendship, the emotion of someone leaving and being left is obvious but the good reality about friendship is there are no goodbyes, just farewell because True friends never leave each other. Too ideal? Nope, yes physically they will move from here to there and leave us here and they live there or we leave then here and live our lives there... but that does not mean they leaved us or we leave them. Friendship still remains.

Surely, Dingkai, we, your friends from our office are sad because you are leaving but we are also happy for you because it’s for your own good and for your future. Always remember to look back when you need friends because we will always be there for you.

True Friendship Sees (not literally seeing with our naked eye) each other beyond distance. Distance is just a tool for us to immortalize friendship and to value our friends more. 

Last July 1, 2016, Tony, Mary Grace and Niña and some of Dingkai's friends planned a simple surprise despedida dinner for Dingkay. It was held at Dencio's Kamayan at Market Basket, Damosa Davao City. Thanks for inviting me to witness this precious event. . . 

Here are some photos I took:

Wahahaha.. this photo really made my day... 

The cake... or the attacking of the cake...

But first, lemme do a selfie...

 Second, lemme do a selfie with dingkai... 

Always remember these lines from an unknown song but Seminarians loved this song a lot... (Ask Fr. Rey for the lyrics hehehe...)

We’ve been together for quite a while 

And all those moments you’ve been such a good friend. 

And for each of us you’ve given life more meaning 

It’s a joy that we shall ever treasure in our hearts. 

And now here we are… so, we shall say THANK YOU!

Thank you, Dingkai... From your DOH RO XI Family and Friends.



  1. Thank you so much Marion for these pics... gamay nlang kulang maka hilak na jud ko haha...so happy na apil akong despedida diri.. thank you so much guys for the surprise despedida party.. to MG, Ninya and Tony .. Thank you for the friendship... i love u guys...mwah mwah tsup tsup! til next time! :) hugs! :)

    1. See you ate dingkaiii! Mwaaah :** we love you too! xoxo

  2. Dingkai, hahaha atik oie... stay happy and ayaw kalimot sa amoa diria... soon pre-nup na ninyo akoa e-cover ug e-post diria hahaha :D God Bless always.

    This is just one way of immortalizing friendship... DOH RO XI will remember you!!!

  3. Maka touch sir Marion. Hehehe thank you maski nabira lang ka namo hehe. Dakila jud ka sir. Idol kaayo ang shots! 😄👍🏻 Until next time. Will surely miss you ate! 😘

  4. @Niña Angela, thanks nin. pasenysa na sa mga shots mostly CP ra gamit hehehe

  5. @MG, ma'am MG okay ra hehehehe.. wahahha pagpasenysahan ang akoang mga shots wahahaha maulaw ko ana


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