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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


“Head turner: How to be a selfie expert”
Bringing “selfie” to the next level
By: Marion Kit

I am not the kind of person who make selfie shots. I don't know why I was asked by few how to take self portraits using their phone. Surely what they meant was how to take selfie, so, I am now making this post for those who need my opinion.

Before, taking selfie was considered narcissistic because it is always about showcasing oneself but today, experts say, understanding “selfie” deeper is not always an act of narcissism. Selfie is taking self portrait and it has begun in the 18th or 19th century. It is an expression that you love yourself, you accept who you are and you are confident to say to the world "I am not Perfect but I am perfect being who I am." 

Take selfie shots and make it beautiful without thinking of how many hits and likes you’ll get. Express yourself through art and photos. Nothing is wrong with it. Fire up and Level up your selfie shots.

Applying my little knowledge and experience in portrait photography I came up with this list on how to make a better selfie.

1. Avoid the “Look at me” Cliché:

Personality check: If your only goal is to get many likes and be famous in the cyber world; creating some scene just to attract attention, then that’s very narcissistic. Avoid the narcissistic cliché. Personality reflects in the picture.

2. Master your gear

Camera check: Knowing the basics of your camera is important. Most of our camera phone settings are set in auto mode so you can just easily click the shutter to take your picture. For manual users there’s nothing we can do about it but it does not mean auto mode can’t capture perfect photos. Know the capacity of your camera in low and high lights. In case of low lights situation not all phone cameras are good with it. So if your camera is not good in low light, find ways to add more lights so you can take better selfies.

There are lots of usable smartphones today that can take better selfies, and one of these is OPPO F1S unit. It's really cool and many photo enthusiast will love its performance especially its camera.

3. Find the light

Environment check: Never take a selfie behind the light unless you wanted a silhouette shot. Illuminate your face with a soft light because it is a portrait shot of you, not your shadow. Stand on an area with a beautiful lighting. Beautiful light is a light that is not hard light or low light. Notice your eyes in your preview shot, if your eyes and eyebrows moves towards each other, that’s a hard light. We don’t want to look fierce in our picture unless intended.

4. Background Memes

Check your background: A good picture has a good background. In Portrait photography do not take a shot when your subject is consumed with your background. Meaning any backgrounds that make your subject looks like part of the background or the background looks part of your subject. So, 

- Keep away from irrelevant objects behind you

- Do not reveal your important things that you don’t want to be shown

- Use plain backgrounds

- Use colorful backgrounds 

5. Making great photos not snapshot

Composition Check: Yes, a better selfie needs to be composed. Use the thirds, the symmetry and asymmetry, framing and artsy cropping your photo to eradicate photo-bombers or irrelevant or distracting elements.

Here's an example of cropping an image and using the rule of thirds in composition to avoid irrelevant elements:

6. Shot with your angle.

Perspective check: Lucky for us today we can preview our shot in the camera monitor before taking our picture. Experiment with your angles and take your shot. Showing your “best side” is much better than just a straight-on shot.

7. Have some Blings

Wardrobe check: This is not about fashion shoot. Just make your selfie more than just a selfie shot. Accessorize yourself. If you have sun or reading glasses, experiment with it, work with it than just putting it in your eyes. Throw on a hat or something... If you have nice shoes, take shot with it. Selfie is not only about your face, it is about you.

8. Be craziliciously silly

Fun check: Smile! Frown. Pout. Or make a silly face. . . Just express yourself and HAVE FUN!!!

9. Be Artsy

Creativity check: Everyone has his or her own Artsy side (artsy is kinda bit girly word for artistic but I used it cause most of selfie images are from girls, ladies, and women) so make use of it and make your selfie unique and better than yesterday and avoid over editing your picture.

My own selfie: "I am Human" 
I posted this first selfie pic here few months ago.

10. Bring it to PP. 

Post Processing Check: Don't be afraid to post process your photos. You have a photo in your camera that's 100% super nice, make it 200% beautiful in your post processing software. I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and for my android, I only use Snapseed App. There are lots of Post Processing Software out there that suites your  artistic side and personality.

A brotherly reminder, avoid over editing your photos: See here for 5 common photo editing mistakes we do.

Thanks to:

Icee M.
Jennifer R.
Mary Grace P.
Mary Grace M.
Niña Angela M.

for letting me borrow and use your photos :D



  1. Absolutely loved this post. So much fun to read and looking at your pictures was hilarious. Great guide to selfies ;)

    Love, kerstin

    1. Thanks, @Kerstin. :D Your blog is amazing too so I am following it :D


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