K Steak Unlimited makes your day heavenly meaty!

After a photoshoot session with Meng and Jack, we ended up here in K STEAK UNLIMITED in Juna, Davao City. 

I didn't manage to take a good photos outside so here are the photos I took inside the famous Food house that offers big big big delicious steaks :D

Their menu is visible and noticeable to anyone who enters the store.

I don't know if they still offer their unlimited steak for P170.00 now. I did not saw it from their menu list and promos. Maybe because we went their too early for dinner time, 4:30PM. Who cares about the time, we were hungry hahaha :D

The ambiance is like home and it's relaxing.

The Lovers/FOODTOGRAPHERS, Meng and Jack :D

Here are our orders. Price ranges from P199.00 -500.00. 

The lovers slash foodtographers enjoying their steaks.

The K Steak Unlimited is Sulit and the best steak for people who loves meat, big big meat. Price friendly? Nope, in terms of "budget friendly" prices but it's really worth it. Their servings are REALLY BIG and so YUMMY!

Loreto corner Macopa St, Juna Subd Matina, Davao City, 8000

Phone/Contact Number
303-3694, 0922-861-0572



  1. I'm starving! ugh. The pictures we're beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Tin. hehehe nakakagutom talaga. hehehe


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