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Friday, September 2, 2016

MOCKING JAY: Davao City Night Market Bomb Explosion

 Davao City: Night Market Bomb Explosion
(A Tragedy not a Laughing Stock)
 by: Marion Kit

Davao City's Roxas Night Market at Roxas Street, Davao City is a place were people from all walks of life after work and after school gathered to eat delicious and affordable foods like barbecues, grilled foods, ice creams, and many others. Some bond with their family and friends during this time or buy ukay-ukay products. Thousands of davaoeños and tourists can be seen in this place.

I took this photo below last December 2015 at Roxas Night Market.This is the end side of the Night Market.

Imagine how many innocent men and women and children were there at the heart of the night market Enjoying and having fun...

September 2, 2016, Friday around 10:20PM a bomb exploded during the Night Market at Roxas Street, Davao City killing 14 innocent human beings and more than 60 were injured. 

Photo above is not mine. Credit to the photographer AFP/Manman Dejeto

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte said that 10 died on the spot. A woman was interviewed by a student reporter/blogger said that some of the victims' body were cut into pieces when the bomb exploded. 

 Photo above is not mine. Credit to the photographer Agence France-Presse

Photos shared to me by Princess C. Credits to the owner of the photo

Injured victims were rushed to Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) and Davao Doctors Hospital for medical assistance. 

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, former mayor of the city, immediately arrived and gathered all authorities to do their job investigating this incident.

This morning, September 3, 2016 I visited the crime scene. I did not manage to get clearer photos using my smart phone since the scene is highly restricted for investigation.

The bomb exploded a li'l further from the tower were many physical therapist posted.

Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella urged the public to be vigilant at all times against possible terrorist attacks. 

It is a tragedy and not to be mocked at. The safest city in the country was bomb and took 14 lives yet some good-hypocrite-hearted citizens mocked and made some jokes about the incident.

Some people are so quick to mock the city and our president for their own selfish reasons. This is not helping our country, instead you guys are pulling down your country by betraying your brothers and sisters here in Davao.

Maybe they have forgotten what davaoeños did when tragedies happened to other parts of this country. We were there and we did not laughed at their situation, we did not pull down their town/cities, and we never mocked those tragedies. We cried when you were devastated, we helped when you cried for help, we reached out our hands when you needed arms to get up. . . now you mocked us?

Photo courtesy of MindaVote



  1. Basta ako, I believe Davao City is still safe. And soon I will eat Buchi again :)

  2. Yes, Tin. This is still the safest city for me. Roxas St. prepare your barbecues and buchis... haha murag makalaag ko hahaha


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