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Monday, October 10, 2016


I kept asking and encountering these questions “Is there still goodness in this cruel world?”, “Is there happiness in this life full of sufferings?”, “If there is God, why is He not helping us?” 

There are lots of answers to these questions like theoretically, ideally, scholastically, pseudo therapy-cally, and the likes but to me all these answers seem not to answer the questions. 

As I journeyed this cruel world I found some answers for myself; I am emphasizing some answers for myself because this might not be applicable to you and to some situations in life. One of it is the how we see things matters. If I look at a certain bad situation as bad, then everything will be bad and I cannot see goodness in that situation. It’s normal to be upset, to feel down, but it’s not forever unless I don’t do something about it.

(Taking photos using UPVision)

For those who read my previous post, you know that our office was razed by fire. Everything was ruined by massive flames and everything has changed since then . . . Change of office’s structure, change in the process flow of the work system, adjustment for adapting the new situations we are in right now, etc. It’s difficult but we have to do something to stand up and continue to be the servant of people. Yes, it was a bad experience but it was a blessing in disguise too. We found out that employees really cared about their workplace, employees were united to help the agency stand up and helped from/with/to/for each others’ need. Change can be good or bad depending on our point of view. 

Photos bellow are the pretty things I saw from the horrible remains of our burned office that reminds me about Life:

In a devastating situation, it is difficult to see light but it is possible; pay closer attention to what is around you, it will come. With this in mind, I was able to see these little things and it kinda helped me realized that there is beauty in the un-beautiful, there is hope no matter how hopeless . . . 

There is beauty in every situation. All we have to do is to learn to see the unseen.


I was amazed when I saw these remains. No one will ever notice how strong these little foundations are until being tested by fire. In life, building a strong foundation of values and morals are important. When time comes that life will be shaken, our foundation must remain firm and steadfast.

We keep on praying but not Praying. We only ask what we wanted and not listen to His answers because we already have a visual of what God's answer must be or we just listen to what we only want to hear and most of the time, God answers our needs but we can’t recognize it because we are preoccupied by our own interpretation of the answer. A priest once said to me, God permits sufferings not because He loves doing it but for mankind to see what is essential in life. .

 Let me finish this with a short story:

A flash flood happened at Johnny’s town because of a storm. The people there were on their rooftops because of the 10 feet flood. Johnny prayed “Lord, help me.” As he was praying, rescuers from the city with life boat called Johnny and invited him to hop in so he can be save. Johnny refused because he was waiting for God’s providence. He prayed again and while he was praying, a chopper came and rolled down a rope for Johnny to climb. But again he refused because he was waiting for God’s Providence. Johnny died drowning from the flood waiting for God’s providence.

When Johnny came face to face with God, he complained “I thought you're a God of mercy and compassion, why did You not helped me?”

God replied, "I did help you, my child but you did not see me. I was there twice to help you. I was in the life boat and I was the one piloting the chopper but you didn’t see me and refused to be rescued.”



  1. Difficult times bring the best and sometimes the worst in people. Regardless I like to think there is good in everyone.

    1. Indeed. A sword cannot be a sword unless it is put in a blazing fire and hammered by the blacksmith. . . then it can be called a beautiful sword and I agree there is goodness in everyone.


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