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Tuesday, November 22, 2016



"Mi-a oi!"

That's what they say when they tried Ice Cream and Cookie.

Ice cream and cookie is about ice cream and cookie. Of course coz it's called ice cream and cookie because of it. Yeah, am just running around the bush here coz that's what I felt when I ate their product. It's kinda like you'll be turned around 360 degrees, upside down, floating in the air feeling cloud 9 when you eat their ice cream sandwiched with the, how can I say it, AWESOME cookie? 

All in all, lami Jud ilang ice cream & cookie. 

Ice cream & cookie is located at Mabini Street
corner Aurello st., Davao City, Philippines
fronting StockBridge/Tumble Tots and near Red Corner Burger Cafe.

The place was neat and clean. It's a small place but its so cute and relaxing. Wall colors and decors were pleasant to my eyes. It has a minimalist style, well arranged and their staff were kind and smilling. 

The place was small place but it looks big. 

One thing I like about the place, it has no O.A. decorations.    

Before jumping into their best sellers, we tried first their pasta so something solid would be digested first in our gutom na stomach (ako lang ata ang gutom) to avoid stomach problems... am not gonna say anything else except I AM JUST HUNGRY!

An order of pasta is good for one person only. Actually, one order is really kulang for me.

The pasta taste yummy but not so yummy coz it's soooooo bitiiiin.

For our 2nd round... The main event of the evening. The reason why we are here, the clash of Ice cream & cookie.

I ordered cookie monster. The ice cream was really great sandwiched with cookie that  I don't know what's the flavor coz I just let the maitre d (in a sense) decide what's best since I don't know what to pair best with my order. Hey, all I just want to do here is to eat ice cream. LOL!

Cookie Monster

Cheddar and cream cheeze


Even though our orders aren't complete coz we didn't try the "INJECTION", we settled into as what it is being what it is. 

 (Photo above is not mine kay wala man koy pics sa Injection; so I'll give proper credits to the owner, Kriztja of Sunstar Davao. Click HERE)

Reason why we didn't try the syringe with syrup as an additional compliment (plus 10.00 for every syringe) coz it will add more sweets to our ice creams.

Ice cream & cookie's ice cream and cookie surely are winners. Damn, we bisaya would say "Lamia oi!"

The Two blue knights and the dark knight. . . :-P

If you're here in Davao City, I highly recommend this place. Visit Ice Cream & Cookie. Surely you can also say, "Lamia oi!"



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