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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


It’s 2017 and almost everyone were posting on their social media how they celebrate New Year but am posting something different yet common but unnoticed or noticed but never been paid real attention because who cares? 

I'm no food blogger or travel blogger or lifestyle blogger, am just a storyteller. So bare with my share. This is my first story for the year 2017. 

"STREET LIFE, your life, my life, our life!"

Poverty is real. It’s not just a mere story we hear but a fact. What causes poverty is answerable by common sense. 

"Palimos po"

"Food Trip"

According to Business Dictionary, poverty is defined: 

It is a "condition where people's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met. Poverty is generally of two types: (1) Absolute poverty is synonymous with destitution and occurs when people cannot obtain adequate resources (measured in terms of calories or nutrition) to support a minimum level of physical health. Absolute poverty means about the same everywhere, and can be eradicated as demonstrated by some countries. (2) Relative poverty occurs when people do not enjoy a certain minimum level of living standards as determined by a government (and enjoyed by the bulk of the population) that vary from country to country, sometimes within the same country. Relative poverty occurs everywhere, is said to be increasing, and may never be eradicated."

"Comfy Bed"

"On your side"

Is it a problem? Yes and No. I think the real problem nowadays is not poverty in itself, it is us. It is the what- we-do-about- it thing, and how we See it.

 Let's not blame everything to those who are on top. They did what they can do to be there (whatever means they did to be there is another issue) but my point is they did something.  (I am talking here about something good being done.)

Here's a picture I took while I was about to enter our office compound. It's a photo of a mother and a child. 
I titled it "Mama-sang." 


I guess everyone knows what mama-sang is. This mother used her child to be a tool-of-pity so that people will give them coins and foods. A mother must protect and guide her child to be on the right track, not use the latter's innocence to get the citizen's sympathy. Is this the proper way of treating poverty or just adding more problems to the society?

"Piso Kol"


There are many good Samaritans out there, private organizations, NGOs, and government programs that can help us if we do not have something. Yes, these programs are not enough to eradicate poverty in our society but it's one of the many steps.

"The Good Samaritan"

We must not rely on what others can give and blame them if they cannot provide immediate help to our needs. They have their own responsibility and our responsibility is ours. We are rational and we must use it to achieve what we need. It is us, and only us who can help our life to be better. Others are just instruments to inspire us to draw out what's best in us. 


There are many moral ways to achieve what we need. All we have to do is to think and think harder and have some will to do it and everything will follow.

"No one can stop me from learning"
"Steps towards my dream!"

 "Standing Firm" 

Here's another story I encountered on the street. This is about the tallest daddy in the world who only stands 3 feet+ tall. 

"Greater than"

He never gave up life; never lose hope despite of being so small. Is he in poverty? Yes, but look at what he did to poverty? He gave better life to his daughter, to his grand children, to his family, and to his life.

There's always hope and chance to those who think and never give up...


"Striving for Life"
and sometimes a hopeless case to those who gave up. . .


Quitters in life can't surpass poverty or survive the situation. Don't quit. Poverty is just a "tool" for us to do something great, to push us to our limits to do the right thing... in simple words, DON'T BE LAZY!!!

 Be part of the solution, not the one adding problem to the problems. If we were, let's be sorry and do what is right now. 

"Sorry na"

For those who did not give up, for those who gave up but stand up again, for those who see hope in life despite of poverty, be proud of those lines on your face, on your hands or having a callus hand because it is a mark of surviving poverty.


And if one day feeling alone is inevitable, empty, and feeling life is tasteless because of sufferings, hardships, and problems caused by poverty, always remember that from the start God was and is always with us. He will never abandon us.


God will always provide us help because He is a God of Mercy.

Let me end this post with a story. . . 

I saw a small old man on the street, cold and shivering in a thin dirty dress, and very evidently hungry. I became angry with God and said, “Why did you permit this? Why don’t you do something about it?”

That night I heard a small voice inside saying, “I DID do something about it. I made you… What have YOU done about it?”

- After De Mello



  1. Very thought provoking post, sometimes we are so focused on little things, we forget about the real important and its true, each one of of can make a small difference-

    1. Thanks, Ma'am. :D Yes, it's sad but it's true. We forget to grasp what is essential nowadays. But Hope exists because You, Me, We, They exist. so let's not lose hope no matter how hopeless the world seems to be and trust that we human can make a small or big difference in this era and it doesn't need be recognized by others.


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