What can you get from your photography? A friend asked me. He was curious why I stop doing photo shoot, photo coverage and why I took photos of people I don't know instead of making memories of my self and friends. For him what I do was a waste of time, money, and energy. Photography is just an expensive hobby;


 First and foremost, photography will never make you rich. It is the You in you who will and can make you rich. Photography is just an instrument for your success (I hope it is used inline with morality). I did not get rich in photography, am broke... but I gain friends and developed my 7th sense into another level. I just invented the words "7th sense" to describe the act of abstracting out the essence of goodness, which is beauty, from the unwanted, unpleasant, stressful, and suffocating reality of life. In other words, it is approaching reality with a different perspective, being positive.

Let me share some benefits I gained from photography. Photography developed my sense of awareness, sense of healthy mind, sense of responsibility, sense of optimism, and sense of fun & adventure.


Photography is not just about camera and clicking its shutter. It is not just taking pictures it is capturing memorable moments and immortalizing it and sharing its beautiful story. To do this, one must be keen, to be able to understand what is not obvious, and observant to what is Beautiful. 

While I was walking on the busy street of San Pedro, Davao City,  I saw these two kids walking towards this particular street vendor, about 12 years old selling alkansya (coin bank). Obviously, these kids belonged to a family who suffers from poverty. But poverty can't stop them from reaching their dreams. The boy was making ways to fight poverty by making and selling alkansya while the other two were thinking of saving money by buying alkansya. Simple solution on how to fight poverty, do something about it.


"Happenings for sale"


One of the many causes of forgetfulness is losing the desire to think. Thinking exercises our brain cells to function well. Like a machine, when it is not tuned up everyday, it gets rusty.

Photography helped me to be aware and it helped me to think and be creative. Composing a shot, coming up with new ideas, communicating with other people, and analyzing/choosing the best part of the location for a shoot are brain stimulants. 

My photos aren't that great. I know that, and they look so ordinary to many but to me it has stories to tell. Riding a jeepney going to my workplace, I saw this beautiful fence/wall painting and I saw this young man walking while the red traffic light was on. I waited for that man to be on the right spot in my frame before the green light turns on. Luckily I got the shot I wanted and this photo shows that our future is defined by what we do now. If we want a happy and relaxing life when  we get old, invest for that future today. The fulfillment of destiny is what we do today.



As a man who takes photos of people, I developed this sense of responsibility to everyone. I don't know you, him or her, but as your brother in Christ, given this unpolished skills in Art, I have to take care of you through my photographs. Naks naman!

Here's a photo I took to remind me, to remind you, to remind us that before: our parents took care of us; Now: it's our time to take good care of them. 

"Then and Now"

Here's another one. This is not just another poverty-like shot, but what am trying to say here is, "Yo, man, you're big enough and able to work, how come you choose to be a peasant among the peasants?"



Photography is an art that relaxes us from our stressful day by being able to see another point of view. Photography makes one see how beautiful the world despite of having her cruel atmosphere. 

I was inspired by ants how they work hard. Imagine one single tiny ant carrying something more than its weight traveling for how many kilometers and yet not giving up. There are times that life really sucks and giving up is the rush solution. Life's journey is full of heavy loads and quitting is the immediate answer to escape from this reality. Before quitting or giving up, try to see life as what it is and be inspired from these tiny creatures. They never complained how heavy their load is and how long  they have to travel to reach their home. They never quit and they made their queen happy! 



Photography is an experience of adventure: literally and fantasy. I've experienced both worlds and am having fun with it. Having adventure, literally is going to places and take some memorable photographs. 

But we can still have an adventure literally without going anywhere by entering into a certain place where only few have entered. This is the world of macro photography.  
"Rain drops"



The fantasy adventure is another bonus experience for you, me, and to us photographers/photo enthusiasts. It is going into another dimension by creating a scene that's surreal.  

"Jurassic World"
More photos of my Dino Adventures HERE. :)

 There are lots of things I wanna say here but this post is a bit long already so I'll stop here and I'll post another benefits from photography soon.

If you benefited something from photography, please us know about it. :D

"Keep shooting!" and "Take and make great photographs!"


(All photos were taken using mobile phone)

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