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Monday, March 20, 2017


My first 2017 travel-venture is made possible by KT Travel and Tours. Cebu City is not just an island of history but a treasure chest of beauty: from people to places to structures as well as foods, the city is full of breathtaking beauty either man-made or natural spots. 

To name a few: the giant whale sharks in Oslob captured the heart and interest of many tourists around the world.  The rise of the Adarna's Temple of Leah in Busay is another a must visit spot in the city. Who would ever not step their foot on the highlands of Sirao where Celusia Flowers can be found.

Lately,  another spot emerged in Cordova Tourism Center. Yes, probably you have heard it already because the day it was opened to the public, it went viral in the cyber world and many were curious about the fuzz in the social media... yes it's the 10,000 Roses Cafe

The 10000 Roses Cafe is a few meters away from the famous LANTAW Floating Restaurant. The Cordova Tourism Center is now charging P20.00 (as of now) entrance fee for their maintenance of the place. 

The 10000 Roses Cafe is small but it has a wide ocean-viewing area outside the concrete structure where you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of Metro Cebu while eating dessert or drinking coffee from the cafe. 

I wasn't able to enter inside the cafe because it was accommodating volumes of customers. I decided to stick and took snaps outside. Many visitors/tourists were taking selfies and pictures with the cafe's picturesque view of 10,000 white roses at the Cordova Tourism Center.  

The white roses were perfectly beautiful in daylight as well as during night time but I wasn't able to personally witness its different kind of magnificence during night time because of our schedule. 


The 10000 Roses Cafe is kilometers away from Lapu-lapu City but worry not cause there are several ways to get there. 

Using private vehicle including rent van or car rentals is one of the many options. Less hustle and bustle trip yet expensive.

Using Public Vehicle, a taxi cab is one convenient way to go there. We opted to take this option because it's a long way from Cebu City and because of my healthy-asthmatic lungs. LOL! Kinda bit expensive though but am not gonna risk my health. 

Public Jeepneys are available to take you to Cordova proper. Once in Cordova a Habal-habal, trisikad, or tricycle ride will take you to Cordova Tourism Center. This option will save your pocket compared to my option. 

Thanks to KT Travel and Tours for making this travel adventure possible.

All photos were taken by my humble SM UP Vision



  1. Aww, this is so beautiful. I would really love to go there ����. Thanks for sharing this

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks pero walay photo sa gabii hehehe :D

    2. Hahaha i know time constraint 🤗


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