Davao City, since then, is a home of delicious foods: from street foods kwek-kwek, adidas,isaw... to fancy restaurant and food cafes. Every now and then Davao City offers many mouth-watery foods plus places with artsy decorations perfect for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. One of them stands at the heart of Davao City, Souchefs Kitchen (SCK). [Here's my first post about SCK.]

Last night I was invited and meet the owner of the budget friendly food house in town. The food house is now one year old and still caters the need of the madlang people: students, graduates, office workers, parents, and to even the elite ones. 

SCK still maintained the cleanliness of their shop and still offers the best La Paz Bachoy. Now the shop upgraded its menu to serve us more but still maintaining their budget friendly price without downgrading the excellent taste of their foods.

Let my photos tell you how yummy SCK's dishes... Sorry if the quality of the photos is not that good. I just took these with my humble mobile phone.

New to their menu is the yummy Cheese Stick for P50.00. Am telling you it's one of their "must try" dishes.

Eto talaga ang una kong inubos... :P

If you want rice, you can order from their rice meals. Here's my Beef-Silog, P85.00 only. Yummy gud ni. Humok ang beef and malasa. Great Job to their chef, Kuya Jason :D

It's Summer Season and it's kinda hot out there; SCK offers us their one of a kind sweet Halo-Halo to freshen our day. 

Regular Halo-halo is only P65.00  and P75.00 for their special Halo-halo.

Souchefs Kithcen, thank you for making me happy again. Continue to make people happy with your dishes. 

To everyone out there, especially to those who are in a budget, when you visit or you are in Davao City, Souchefs Kitchen is a must visit food house in the city... 

Visit and Like their Facebook page, Souchefs Kitchen, and share your experience/s there. :D



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