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Saturday, May 13, 2017


1. Reading Good Books and Photography.

Photography helps me go out, be with the world and see beauty everywhere.

Books, I mean Good books, add more fuel to my brain and keeping my imagination tuned up. I read any kind of books but I love reading Inspirational books and Mystery-Psycho-Suspense Thriller the most. 

By the way, for me, Books are better stress reliever than Electronic Books (E-Books). If you're a reader of books, there's something in books that E-books doesn't have. 

2. Nailing the basics

After the storm, many trees, especially tall coconut trees that suffered from heavy rains, flood, and strong winds were uprooted. But an Acacia tree, its leaves were gone, some branches were broken still stands strong waiting to face the sun again. 

Why? because it's rooted very deep in the ground.

Mastering the basics is the foundation of every success. I am so amazed at people who mastered the basics in life because whatever happened, no matter how stormy life is, they are still standing strong with Hope. Why? because they have built a strong foundation before upgrading up. 

3. Avoid Overthinking

Overthinking kills. . . I think the pictures will explain better than my words. Hehehe.

4. Learn how to Compartmentalize

Learn how to see an issue as one entity or two entities. Sometimes we complicate things too much to the point of seeing an issue is connected to another issue and to another issue and to another issue and to another issue... and it keeps on going and going and going.

If you hate someone because he or she does things you don't like, such as smoking, drinking, hate that attitude. Don't hate the person because if you'll hate that person, you can never see his/her goodness in him/her. Everything you'll see in that person will be negative and you can always connect his/her actions to your own biases and prejudices to her.

5. Keep things simple

Any magical effect is a problem. How can I disappear this card in front of you and make it appear inside your bag? How can I know the card you chose by reading your mind? How can I produce 60 parasols (umbrella) out of Knowhere? 

There were many good things I learned from performing magic. One of it is making things simple. No matter how difficult to produce a dove out of nowhere, just make it simple because there are always solutions to any problems. 

6. Be alone

Man is a social being but sometimes we need time for our own self too. Being alone for a while doesn't mean you are avoiding others, you are just having time with yourself.

7.  Be Creative

Art is a powerful tool to keep human mind sane.

8. Spend time eating delicious foods

Anyone who doesn't love to eat good foods is insane. Bwahahahaha! 

9. Be surrounded by your good Friends

I think I don't have to say something on this because it's too obvious. 

10. Wasting Time with God

I remember one experience when I was still giving Retreats and Recollections to graduating students, one class I handled they cannot accept my description about What is Retreat? I told them on the last day that it is "Wasting Time with God." There was a commotion and  one particular student reacted and told me, "Brother, our retreat was never a waste of time with God because this is the only time I felt this kind of peace in me." For them, it was never a waste of time being with God because they find hope and peace during the retreat. They felt lightened from their burdens. For them, it was Spending Time with God or a Vacation with God. 

I ended the retreat with a smile because they have retreated their own selves to Christ. . .  we all did.

Every time I feel down, troubled, or life is too heavy, I'll go to His place and waste my time there doing nothing. . .  just being with Him brings back my sanity.

If you have something to say or add please feel free to comment below :D



  1. I love spending time with myself. I'm actually pretty much comfortable alone for most of the time. :)

    1. Hi Rea :) same here. Most of the time I am alone with myself too :)


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