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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


“I am not interested in shooting new things. 

  I am interested to see things new.”

-Ernst Haas

Anyone can be a photographer. Almost all of us today own a camera, either a D/SLR Camera, a Mirrorless camera, a compact digital camera, or even our Smart Phones… Owning a very expensive camera doesn’t make you a photographer. 


If you are into photography or you wanted to be a photographer, I am sure you’ve read lots of “How to’s” from the internet, watched video tutorials, and probably bought some photo mags and books. There are lots and lots of stuff like this that we encountered in our journey to become a photographer.

What’s the best camera to buy?

What’s the best lens for portrait or landscape?

What camera has the best ISO sensitivity?

How to use the Manual Mode?

How to do Bokeh?

How to portrait photography?

How to Post Process?

These are all the technical aspect of photography and can be learned by anyone who is interested in photography. Our trusty Google is always there to help us with this information. 

I met a friend a few years ago on a free photography workshop, he has a huge collection of photography magazines, books, video tutorials, and he’s an adroit about camera settings. He took sharp images. Lightings and White Balance were perfect. But there was something in him that makes him not a good photographer yet. Most of us (I am no expert in photography, but this is the important point here) during the workshop were not drawn into his work. Yes, he’s a camera expert, but he only took images that don’t speak to his audience/spectator/viewers. A good photographer's work can speak to a layman.


You and I know that photography is not only about the technical aspect of the camera and its rules. It includes also the subjective aspect of it, this is the How you See, Why you See, and What you See.

How to become a better photographer can’t be taught, only the technical aspect of it. If you noticed, no one has ever taught or made a tutorial on how you should SEE like a photographer sees a subject because it is subjective. It is an Art. Photography is an art. 

"In my Lens"

A photographer’s life is a constant challenge. To see extraordinary things in ordinary places every day is one of the many processes to become a better photographer. Making your viewer/s feel what you felt when you took the image is another process. Sounds complicated? Yes, it is. 

To become a better photographer, start it within you, with your humanity and practice your eyes to see what’s around you, read the realm around you, learn from the world around you, and be inspired by what is around you and express them into photos as it grows within you and one day you'll notice that your shots can speak a thousand words. 

"Don't Judge"

Grab your camera, go out and walk at a distance, observe how the light and shadows embrace the face of the people around you, how light bounces from one place to another; notice how people talk to each other, be aware of the wind that touches the hair, notice how you feel about what you see, about how you react to a certain situation because in this type of exercise you will become a better photographer.

In the end, it is not only your photography skill becomes better, but your life. 

“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.”
-Dorothea Lange


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