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Monday, July 24, 2017


Why I was so happy before when I took photos than today was my question.

Previously, I posted I CAN’T SEE because I wasn’t seeing anything new. All I saw was the same thing as I saw before and what others see. I stopped taking photos for a while and started to understand Art, not the way as I understood it before but more than what scholastics say. Why I was so happy before when I took photos was my question. So, I was looking back at my photographs since the day I started taking digital photos. I still kept my first shot. It wasn’t that sharp, not that good but I was happy with it. Yes, I was happy with my shot and I called it a photo. 

Unedited: "Way of Life?"

Why was I so happy with it? Because the photo says something to me as who I am, I saw what will happen to me in the future if I will not do my best today.

How do we see to take and make great photographs? Many will tell you “See the light.” Indeed it is true but it does not answer the question how do we see? 


We develop our ideas through our 5 senses. By touch, we have an idea that a thing is soft or hard, by smell and taste we know how a thing smells and if it is sweet or sour or bitter, by hearing we know how a thing sounds and by seeing we know how a thing looks like. From the start of our consciousness, values, morals, proper attitude, and knowledge were cultivated from the norms of morality. We developed ideas mostly influenced by our parents, our society, our culture, and our interests to become a better person.

Later, as we grow older and older we are influenced by what our peers do because out of curiosity, to feel we belong, to have a status quo and it is what we also like to do. Also, media bombarded us with much more ideas with their powerful, influential, and convincing “sales talk” lines that our subconscious mind kept on storing and make us forget those realities we have as what made us who we are. Media introduced the culture of “be one of us.” Media dictates us what to do and what not to do to be “one of us.” Because it’s trending most ladies wears jumpsuit or romper even if it doesn’t look good on her. Because it’s trending most men looks Korean even if it doesn't look good on him.

"Hide and feel the Difference"

Subtly, what the “society-does-today” blinds us to see who we are and what we can really see. Media presented to us food photography at its finest and most of them are flat lays, filtered photos, and unsaturated colors. Yes, it’s nice but have you noticed that because it is nice to see, we do flat lays also? In fashion photography, we see a woman posing with her gown spreading in the air. Yes, it’s nice but have you noticed that because it is nice to see, we do this type of images also? Photographers take photographs of cotton-ized water and we do it also. We do this type of shots because it’s trending, it’s what many photographers do because filtered and unsaturated images are nice to see, we filtered our photo or unsaturated its colors because an influential human being or an icon does it? It deters us from seeing what we really can see and hinders us from doing what we really can do. 

Have you ever photographed a toothpick? A feet of a person but not the person? A shoe lace but not the shoes? Have you ever photograph staple wires or a burnt wood? Have you ever photographed the “ctrl” key from your computer keyboard or a paper fastener? 


"Feet vs. Wheels"

"Control your self"


We don’t because these subjects are not what the majority likes and are not what the society sees. Thus, it blinds us from seeing what we can really see.

Start seeing with your own eyes. 

I was happy taking photos before because I was taking photos the way I see it and the way the scene speaks to me. It was me taking a photo not influenced literally by the rules of photography nor by the media sales talk.


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